Finalist – Daphne du Maurier Award of Excellence

Finalist – Debut Dagger, Crime Writers Association

When you’re summoned to Panama by a dead man and shot within hours of arriving, you might be tempted to hop on the next plane and go home.

But then the dangerous world you’ve entered takes a bizarre twist….

Political consultant Pen Smith has been thinking about making a change in his life but he never envisioned desperately trying to outwit a determined and lethal adversary, chasing an embezzler across one of the most remote and dangerous jungles in the world, and encountering the beautiful Panamanian fashion designer  who had been his dead uncle’s lover.


Pen assumes the attack on him is connected to a recent inheritance. But as events unwind at an express-train pace, another more sinister motive emerges from the shadows. What is the real reason someone wants Pen dead? Can he find out before the next attempt on his life? And who else will be caught up in this nerve-wracking game of murder, torture and macabre gamesmanship?


MESSAGE FROM PANAMA sweeps from the political insider’s Washington, DC to Panama’s legendary jungles of intrigue. Somewhere in between, Pen’s life hangs in the balance.


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    Congrats on publication! Your book sounds thrilling. ; ) Thanks for stopping by my blog, and happy writing.

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